Yacht Club

The system of ventilation and heating system in the building combined. The building almost everything is made of glass. ventilation equipment is placed on the street - it affected the division of the installation of heating circuits in a water-inner loop and the outer - frost water solution of propylene glycol. Also on the premises of the Yacht Club is designed system of central vacuum, which allows you to clean the room silently.

A restaurant

In the design of ventilation and air conditioning of the restaurant had a task to enter the ventilation ducts into the interior of the ducts open and pave the ceiling. To do this, we used the circular duct in the color of the interior walls.


The famous health resort in the country, "Concha Zaspa" demanded the reconstruction of the physiotherapy department, which resulted in a change of all engineering systems.

Given the purpose of premises, modern technology and equipment have been applied.

Luxurious apartment

In this project the customer has put forward special requirements for the organization of engineering systems at its facility. Drawing attention to the quality of interior decoration, as well as the fact that the premises are located in a historic building in the center of the capital, we have a number of measures to prevent nepryatno different situations were envisaged.


For dentistry designed all necessary engineering systems. Ventilation, air conditioning, water supply and sewerage - create the opportunity to work for this kind of enterprise in kamfortnyh conditions.


In the project all the questions on heating and air conditioning covers the same equipment- heat pump air-water.

For hotel rooms installed fan coil channel type. A fan coil air circulates.

Inside the fan coil air is heated by the heat pump in the winter and cooled in summer.


Projects heating and water supply have been resolved the relevant issues for 20 houses "camping" type of international Wellness-center "Bioli Hall" in Georgia.

The peculiarity of the work was that, using the combined water and electric underfloor heating, heat the house at different times of the year, taking into account the workload of holidaymakers.


Draft ventilation and air conditioning systems and air heating Multiplex cinemas zone.

Territory cinema is divided into 3 separate zones: the cinema area foe area and cinema projection area.

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