Game center

Games Room is a room where you can forget about time. Well-conducted engineering systems allow in complete comfort.

Good Wine

For «GoodWine» store space design of ventilation systems was carried out, the heating and air-conditioning.

The challenge was to use the existing 6 air handling units that are on the roof of the building for the needs of ventilation, heating, and air conditioning shop. Because the height of commercial premises of the 1st floor is a large - were used rotary diffusers with the possibility of changing the angle of inclination of the blades.

Receiving emergency department

For the project engineering of reconstruction of the receiving emergency department needed a month of hard work and meetings. As a whole feature of the project was the presence of existing building systems and the availability of operating cleanrooms.

Residential house for two families

Each project is unique and requires its own attention. In this paper we put forward demands that would be one part of the house was heated by combustion another part of the house with its future heating furnace.


The project implemented conditioning and ventilation systems. Ventilation Equipment - channel type.

External grille that supply and exhaust air are located on the rear facade of the building. Outdoor unit air-conditioning system is located on the rear facade of the store.

Ventilation of a private house on the principle of passive house

This is one of the few customers who said what he wanted and chose the ventilation system on the principle of passive house.

The ventilation system in this project is the recovery and exhaust air ventilation system passes through the hood in the kitchen and bathrooms from.

Medical center

Ventilation and air-conditioning facilities clinics have their own characteristics.

Cafe in France

Forced-air and exhaust ventilation system in the cafe t France.

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