Author's supervision


Supervision is a set of actions carried out visually and documented, which aimed at determining compliance with technical, technological and environmental decisions and actions undertaken in the course of erection of the construction, it was decided in the working draft of the construction, and recorded in the documentation.

Supervision allows you to control the execution of the realization of design decisions on the subject.

To implement the project consistent with the original objectives and the concept of the construction must be controlled. That's it for this purpose there is supervision.

What is supervision?

Supervision - a comprehensive service, which includes primarily the control of authors (designers) for construction workers work in order to achieve compliance of works approved design project. There are times that the customer waives any materials in the specification. This occurs for various reasons, in which case the author of the project is to replace the material to another without breaking the overall concept.

Why do you need supervision?

Installation work - it is a dynamic process in which there are unforeseen problems which could not have been foreseen at the design stage of the project. Solutions to the problems should be engaged in the project author. Only the author knows perfectly the project, can detect seemingly minor flaws, which could affect the final result. The author has every right to oblige the builders fix their shortcomings, if they arise due to non-compliance of the project and repair work.

field supervision Stages:

Supervision is carried out at all stages of construction and includes the following procedures:

Regular visits to a specialist facility, supervising.

Control of compliance of the project work.

Adjustments and changes in documentation.

Advice for builders.

Logging field supervision.

Monitoring the implementation of the instructions included in the magazine.

The adoption of operational measures to address the identified deviations from documentation.

Contract architectural supervision

Relations between the Parties, as well as their rights are well regulated by the contract of author's supervision. As a rule, field supervision contract is concluded with the customer after the project when it is time to start the installation work. Need or do not need supervision - you decide. But do not give up in order to save the service, which costs significantly less than the cost of the project.

Signing the contract on supervision, you get rid of the need to personally supervise the work of the builders save time, nerves, and perhaps even funds. And most importantly, you will get high quality results.

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Yacht Club

The system of ventilation and heating system in the building combined. The building almost everything is made of glass. ventilation equipment is placed on the street - it affected the division of the installation of heating circuits in a water-inner loop and the outer - frost water solution of propylene glycol. Also on the premises of the Yacht Club is designed system of central vacuum, which allows you to clean the room silently.

A restaurant

In the design of ventilation and air conditioning of the restaurant had a task to enter the ventilation ducts into the interior of the ducts open and pave the ceiling. To do this, we used the circular duct in the color of the interior walls.


In the project all the questions on heating and air conditioning covers the same equipment- heat pump air-water.

For hotel rooms installed fan coil channel type. A fan coil air circulates.

Inside the fan coil air is heated by the heat pump in the winter and cooled in summer.


Projects heating and water supply have been resolved the relevant issues for 20 houses "camping" type of international Wellness-center "Bioli Hall" in Georgia.

The peculiarity of the work was that, using the combined water and electric underfloor heating, heat the house at different times of the year, taking into account the workload of holidaymakers.


Draft ventilation and air conditioning systems and air heating Multiplex cinemas zone.

Territory cinema is divided into 3 separate zones: the cinema area foe area and cinema projection area.

Good Wine

For «GoodWine» store space design of ventilation systems was carried out, the heating and air-conditioning.

The challenge was to use the existing 6 air handling units that are on the roof of the building for the needs of ventilation, heating, and air conditioning shop. Because the height of commercial premises of the 1st floor is a large - were used rotary diffusers with the possibility of changing the angle of inclination of the blades.

The Academic Theater of Drama and Comedy on the Left Bank of the Dnieper

The project of ventilation, air conditioning and air heating of the theater was completed.

Roof conditioner (Rooftop) closes the issue of ventilation, air conditioning and air heating.

The project envisages the use of existing building ventilation systems as auxiliary ones.

Ventilation paint shop

To ensure the ventilation of the paint shop, the supply and exhaust ventilation systems were designed separate.

For this purpose, structural features of the building and premises were taken into account, inside the room is a crane-beam.

Adaptation of the air conditioning system for new layouts

To adapt the air conditioning system, several important points must be considered.

Sports complex with a swimming pool in the city of Khujand Tajikistan

In Tajikistan, a draft ventilation and dehumidification system for a sports complex with a swimming pool was completed.

The peculiarity of this project was that in the central room there is a huge swimming pool with 450 spectators.

Covered market

The ventilation system of the covered market is combined with the cooling system. The air heating and cooling system is designed on the basis of equipment that operates on the principle of a heat pump.

That allows you to save energy.

Heat point with hot water heating from the air-conditioning system

The project is designed to heat water for a hot water system using a heat pump, based on equipment from LG.

Through the intermediate heat exchanger freon-water, which is called HYDRO KIT, water is heated to a temperature of +50 С.

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